Forward Motion needs your support to make this a success.  Since we're raising money for the Access Fund, you'd probably like to learn a little about what they do!

Here's a bit of information directly from the AF website:

Over 83 cents of every dollar donated to the Access Fund goes to supporting our Annual Fund. The Annual Fund is the core of advancing our mission to keep climbing areas open and to conserving the climbing environment. It provides us the flexible, unrestricted annual income we need to address the heart of our programs, such as: access, public policy, acquisition, grassroots activism and climber education.

We put your money to real work. Contributions to the Annual Fund will allow us to:

  • Provide grants to local climbing organizations to negotiate access, build trails, educate their constituency, and promote environmental stewardship at their local crag. Over the last five years we have given over 125 grants totaling nearly $800,000.
  • Gives us the resources to continue being the national voice on public policy issues facing climbing in the United States. We will continue to advocate for thoughtful federal, state, and local regulations that effect climbing. Our leadership over the years in mitigating the fixed anchor in wilderness issues, epitomizes our dedication and influence on issues concerning climbing nationwide.
  • Continue building the Boulder Project which is a national educational initiative to address the unique environmental, social and access issues of bouldering.

If you would like to make a donation, click below on the "Make a Donation" through Paypal.

Or send a check to the following:

Michael Madison, Forward Motion
9501 126th St E
Puyallup, WA 98373

100% of the funds raised will go directly to the Access Fund, unless you would like to contribute to the huge debt we're racking up to pay for this trip.  Unless specified, AF will be getting it all.


The "Best In America" seal was inspired by the recent comparative review of "watchdog" groups by the National Council of Nonprofit Associations. The Council included the CFC standards in its review, and it was obvious that those standards match or often exceed the standards of other groups. ICA and LICA are acknowledged as the most rigorous in the application of those standards to member eligibility review, in conjunction with their own additional tests.