About Forward Motion

Forward Motion began as an idea.  It revolves around three simple elements which steer our daily thoughts and actions: Perception, Perspective, and Cause & Effect.  Our futures take the shape of our pasts.  We reap what we sow; we are what we eat.... You've heard the sayings before.  Forward Motion is about altering a handful of lives and offering them a new way of living.  Whether it be by giving a needy child a bike to ride around after school, or providing an elderly couple the motivation to go for an evening walk--Forward Motion was created to stimulate and promote thought, action, and a healthier way of life for ourselves and our future generations. 

In this adventure, Forward Motion has partnered with the Access Fund to help save land for one of America's fastest growing sports--climbing.  Also we will be going into classrooms, libraries, and anyone else who will have us, to discuss our trip and promote a healthier way of living.


Brett Klaassen

Brett Klaassen is a 21-year-old from Puyallup, WA. He was raised with a strong work ethic and the "3-P's: Patience, Persistence, Prevails." In 2004, Brett started Forward Motion and by 2005 he was on his way across the USA, riding solo and unsupported across the US and perhaps becoming the youngest person to ever do so. Brett brings his bicycle touring knowledge as well as logistical experience to the 4 Peaks Team.  He is the Founder of Forward Motion and currently works at REI in Tacoma, WA.  His future plans include becoming a science teacher, writing non-fiction, and becoming the first person to circumnavigate the globe on the north/south axis.

Mike Madison

Mike Madison is 23 and from Easton, PA. A natural-born alpinist, Mike has climbed all over the Rockies, Cascades and Appalachians. After high school he joined the US Army, eventually becoming a successful Army Ranger. Mike now resides in Missoula, MT, where he attends University of Montana on his way a degree in Environmental Law. Mike brings his mountaineering skills and good looks to the 4 Peaks Team.  In the future, Mike hopes to run for US Senate and continue climbing all around the world.