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new projects underway....

I'm well again, and living in Montana now attending the University of Montana in Missoula. Life is good and plans are underway for an expedition which has never been attempted before. Stay tuned for more information.

Also! Forward Motion donated 378 dollars to the Access Fund, despite my injury. Good Work folks!




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dear world,

It is my deep disappointment to inform you all that the 4 Peaks in 4 Weeks trip has been cancelled due to a serious knee injury which I sustained while training.

I have been postponing this moment for awhile now, in hopes that my knee would miraculously recover and I would be able to bike and hike again. Unfortunately, this never occured and I am still very broken.

The injury occured while running down a steep hill when I rolled my foot into a hole. I finished the training run, but the next day could hardly walk. I rested a bit, but then managed to reinjure it while weight training at the local gym. I let about 3 weeks go by, doing only light-duty exercises to maintain some of my strength. Then I got on my bicycle and tried a relatively short 35-mile bike ride. I could hardly finish due to the intense pain that shot down my leg every pedal stroke.

So, instead of pursuing the 4 Peaks in 4 Weeks dream, I've been relegated to physical therapy and orthopedic surgeon visits. Perhaps next year the trip will take form and we'll start up again. It's an interesting life we live--you never quite know where you're headed or what you'll be doing tomorrow.

When Mike heard the news, he considered doing the trip solo but I pursuaded him to hold off. His strength and willpower could have pulled me along even if I had broken both of my knees. I feel bad to let my best friend and climbing partner down, but such things happen in expeditions like 4 Peaks.

I feel horrible letting down so many great people who donated and were genuinely interested in our trip. Having such a great response at RockFest really got me ready to hit the road and climb. Thanks go to all of the folks who helped us get ready or were ready to help us once we left. Maybe next year.

The money collected thusfar will be donated to the Access Fund. If you would still like to contribute to their cause, you can visit them directly at If you have any questions, feel free to contact me or Mike and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.


Brett Wilder.


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hello all!

Rockfest was amazing again this year. We were met with the kindest of folks, including a few really nice Canadians and the folks from Mammut who provided us with free beer and a sweet tent!

The fundraiser was a success and we sold quite a few tee-shirts, stickers, and gatorades. The best part for me was the comraderie among everyone. We all had climbing in common.

I was surprised to learn how many people had never heard of the Access Fund, however. If you're still unfamiliar, take the chance to go to and read what they're all about. It's pretty amazing.

If you were out there, thanks for attending and contributing to the fund. We need all the help we can get in today's day and age.


-Brett Wilder.


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Pre Rockfest Update.

Life is moving quite quickly these days. I've taken a new job to help pay for the costs of this summer's trip and Mike is finally back from school! I've been working on the side a bit to get some things ready for Rockfest and it's just about done.

We've got lots of stickers, food, drink, and tee-shirts [almost] to sell and trade for donations on Saturday. We'll have a table set up before the slideshow on Saturday and hopefully will raise a bit of money for the Access Fund. You can become a member, buy a gatorade, or snag a tee-shirt for 10 bucks.... All of it'll go directly to the Access Fund.

Mike has been riding quite a bit and I'm still in recovery-mode for a prolonged knee injury that happened while training last month. I've been strength training and have shown a lot of improvement. Once I can get back to running, I'm sure my cardio will follow suit. Right? right. Luckily I'm young!

If you've been visiting the site, post a comment and say hello! I'm interested to see who's visiting.

See you at Rockfest!

-Brett Wilder.


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Open for business....

What's up. is done! Make sure you check out "the expedition" and "about us." We've got the low-down on the 4 Peaks showdown.

If you'd like to meet up with me or Mike, check us out at RockFest this year. We'll be hangin out, climbing, and drinking a few PBRs. [well, mike shouldn't be drinking this time....]

Anyway, I'm going for a training ride~


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